May 28, 2008
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For the Media: Climate Cŏntrol™ Network System

New Climate Cŏntrol™ Network System Connects All HVAC Systems for Easier Installation, Total Control

New from Uponor, the Climate Cŏntrol™ Network System is a modular, expandable, integrated hardware and software package that connects all of a structure’s heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) components to a single system for better energy efficiency, control and monitoring. And because the Climate Cŏntrol™ Network System does not have the complexity found in conventional HVAC control systems, it is also faster and easier to install. Read more...

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An optional high-definition touch panel interface is available with the Climate Cŏntrol™ Network System.

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The slim design of the thermostats in the Climate Cŏntrol Network System allows them to easily flow with home and building décor.

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The components in the Climate Cŏntrol Network System feature simple, plug-and-play wiring for fast, easy installation.

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The new system offers unique advantages to end users, whether it’s the owner of a private residence or an owner, manager or tenant of a commercial building.

  • Graphical Software Package: Users have the option not only to control their comfort from a wall thermostat, but they can also access the entire system via an optional high-definition touch panel interface or even a computer.

  • Internet Accessibility: To view the status of and make changes to their HVAC system remotely, users can simply log on to access their system for complete and total control.

  • Modular and Expandable: The Network System allows users to select which components they need now, and offers the flexibility to include additional components later.

  • Aesthetically Pleasing: The design of the wall sensor and thermostats in the Network System are less obtrusive to better flow with home or building décor. The wall sensor is a white, flat, circular piece that fits into a small, 1¾" hole. The thermostats come in a slim, flush-mount style and are available in two models, horizontal and vertical, for versatile placement.

“We designed the Climate Cŏntrol Network System to be a highly flexible, efficient product,” says Jeff Wiedemann, product manager, Application Controls, at Uponor. “Installers will appreciate the uncomplicated wiring methods, and users can benefit from the system’s modular approach, making it compatible with any budget as well as flexible for future changes.”

The wall sensors and thermostats in the Network System are not only attractive on the wall, but they are also very functional. The inconspicuous wall sensors read the air, slab, humidity and outdoor temperatures. The thermostats feature a few more options. They not only read air, slab, humidity and outdoor temperatures, but they also control two stages of heating, two stages of cooling and supplemental heating, as well as allow changes to display modes, room setpoint temperatures and humidity setpoints while also controlling the fan and heat recovery ventilator (HRV).

“The unique design of the thermostat also offers an optional feature called ‘master passing’,” says Wiedemann. “This allows the user to transfer comfort control to any thermostat within a group by simply pressing any button on the thermostat. This adds additional convenience over traditional control systems where the controlling thermostat may not be in the occupied room.”

The Climate Cŏntrol Network System is also a “smart” system that routinely performs two-way communications throughout the network — sending as well as receiving information, not just taking orders like a traditional control. As a result, the installer and end user no longer need to program each system component separately.

For the ultimate in customer satisfaction, Uponor incorporated another feature: an optional notification system. This option permits a service contractor to monitor and manage the customer’s network online, while making rapid-response changes to meet comfort needs. “A service tech could conceivably know about a service issue — via cell phone or e-mail alert — before the occupants do,” Wiedemann remarks. This, in turn, eliminates the inconvenience and hassle of having to make a separate service call.

“The Climate Cŏntrol Network System is designed to provide customers optimal comfort and accessibility while offering faster and easier installations for contractors,” says Wiedemann. “And because it provides integration and control of all conventional HVAC systems, it can also deliver greater savings in energy costs.”


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