May 28, 2008
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For the Media: Climate Cŏntrol™ Zoning System

New Uponor Climate Cŏntrol™ Zoning System Offers Wireless Control of Radiant Zones, Faster Installation

The new Climate Cŏntrol™ Zoning System from Uponor uses the latest wireless technology for complete radiant control in every room of a home or building — offering users a system that is more convenient to control and requires less time for contractors to set up and install. Read more...

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The thermostats in the Climate Cŏntrol™ Zoning System are faster to install because no wiring is required.

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The interface module (front) can control up to three base units in the Climate Cŏntrol Zoning System.

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“When designing the new Climate Cŏntrol Zoning System, we wanted to offer our customers a convenient way to control room temperatures while providing a system that would be faster and easier to install,” says Mark Hudoba, senior product manager, Heating and Cooling, at Uponor. “By eliminating the hassle and expense of running thermostat wires through walls, this wireless system can significantly cut installation time.”

The Climate Cŏntrol Zoning System starter kit comes with one radio-controlled module (the base unit), an interface module, an external and removable antenna, connection cables, mounting accessories, installation instructions and a user manual.

Base unit: The base unit typically mounts near the radiant system manifolds. It can accommodate up to 12 thermostats and control up to 14 thermal actuators (purchased separately). Additional base units can be linked together for installations requiring more than one manifold or more than 12 thermostats.

The base unit uses a special radio protocol to connect individual room thermostats to it. The protocol is based on the world’s leading open wireless standard for home and building control, which is approved by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

“This new wireless protocol offers a better range and is less susceptible to interference, compared with alternative or older protocols,” says Hudoba. “By incorporating this new wireless technology, the Climate Cŏntrol Zoning System is simpler to install and provides a complete, functional control package for the end user.”

Interface: The interface module offers the ultimate in convenience and comfort control. Occupants can view the temperatures and settings of any room from a single location and also set vacation and setback schedules for the entire system without having to go to each thermostat.

To accommodate larger systems, the interface can control up to three base units and be programmed for up to five temperature setbacks. The device can also assign a room name to each thermostat and speed troubleshooting by displaying status issues. Additional features include a valve-and-pump-check exercise and automatic summer and winter settings.

Thermostats: The thermostats in the Zoning System are purchased separately and include hardware to mount on a wall. An optional mounting kit (purchased separately) includes a stand that attaches to the back of the thermostat for placement on a shelf or table. The kit also includes adhesive pads that allow the thermostat to mount on a tile wall, such as in a bathroom, without the need for drilling through the tiles. These placement options make the thermostats more compatible with home or building décor.

The thermostats are available in white or silver finish and require two standard AAA batteries (included) for operation. They also include the following features:

  • Setpoint range of 41°F (5°C) to 95°F (35°C)

  • Sensors for optimal temperature measurement

  • Battery-status indicators

“The Climate Cŏntrol Zoning System is designed to make the contractor’s job simpler and easier, while also offering customers the ultimate in indoor climate control,” says Hudoba. “With this new wireless system, the installer will appreciate the ease of installation, and the homeowner or building manager will enjoy the optimum level of comfort and convenience.”


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