February 27, 2007
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For the Media: GreenMech

Uponor to Promote Commercial Radiant Uses Via Green Mechanical Council Membership

APPLE VALLEY, MINN. — Uponor, a pioneer in the use of radiant floor heating in the residential market, is setting its sights on educating the commercial market to the benefits of this increasingly popular technology with the help of the Green Mechanical Council, or GreenMech. Read more...

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Aaron Smith (left), director of commercial sales-U.S., with GreenMech executive director Tom Meyer.

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Aaron Smith, director of commercial sales-U.S., addressing the Green Mechanical Council (GreenMech) about Uponor’s membership.

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“Our expertise is in radiant. We’re combining that with GreenMech’s expertise in training and education to reach out to architects, specifying engineers and mechanical contractors in the commercial field and educate them on the sustainability of radiant heating and cooling,” says Aaron Smith, director of commercial sales-U.S., explaining Uponor’s decision to join GreenMech as a Founding Member.

“Our heating and cooling solutions help preserve our natural resources,” Smith explains, “and are the dominant form of indoor comfort in most European markets. That widespread acceptance is what we aspire to in the United States, and it all begins with teaching the commercial construction market how to incorporate these sustainable solutions into their projects.”

Uponor’s success has long been rooted in customer education and training, according to Smith. “Our predecessor company, Wirsbo, introduced radiant to the domestic residential market, and now we are focused on extending the trend into the commercial market. With GreenMech’s help, we’ll be able to bring education and training to the commercial segments of the market that we haven’t addressed to date.”

In its efforts to promote sustainability, Uponor is identifying green and sustainable groups that “share our values or possess the values we aspire to,” says Smith. The decision to join GreenMech helps fulfill the company’s mission to educate professionals in the commercial building industry on sustainable products, systems and services offered by Uponor, Smith notes.

“GreenMech provides a forum where we can share information with building professionals and hear their responses first-hand,” Smith explains. “Joining GreenMech provides a vital and essential avenue for us to accomplish our green and sustainable objectives.”

For more information on GreenMech, visit their website at

Uponor is a leading supplier of PEX-a plumbing, fire safety and radiant heating and cooling systems for the residential and commercial building markets across North America and Europe. Uponor employs 4,100 people globally. Uponor OYJ is listed on the Nordic Exchange in Helsinki, Finland. Uponor Inc. is headquartered in Apple Valley, Minn.

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