February 13, 2007
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For the Media: AQUASAFE®

Uponor AQUASAFE® Looped Fire Safety System Simplifies Design and Speeds Installation

Uponor has unveiled a second AQUASAFE® Residential Fire Safety System, featuring a more efficient layout, in which each sprinkler is connected directly to the main loop line. As a result, the new AQUASAFE Looped Residential Fire Safety System requires fewer feet of crosslinked polyethylene (PEX) tubing and fewer connections, making it even more competitive with alternative fire sprinkler systems. Read more...

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The new AQUASAFE Looped Residential Fire Safety System employs two-port sprinkler fittings with ¾" and 1" Wirsbo AQUAPEX.

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The new multi-purpose AQUASAFE Looped Residential Fire Safety System uses the same Wirsbo AQUAPEX tubing that provides potable cold water to the plumbing fixtures in a home.

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The new AQUASAFE Looped Residential Fire Safety System features a more efficient layout, in which each sprinkler (red dots) is connected directly to the main loop line (shown in blue).

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Easier to design and install, the new Looped system is intended to complement Uponor’s long-standing AQUASAFE Network Residential Fire Safety System, in which each sprinkler is connected to four other sprinklers. While the new Looped system is ideal for residences in which major structural changes are not anticipated during the construction process, the Network configuration more readily accommodates changes during installation. Other differences between the two systems include:

  • The Network system uses four-port sprinkler fittings; the Looped system employs two-port sprinkler fittings.

  • The Network system uses ½" Wirsbo AQUAPEX® tubing, made by Uponor; the Looped system features ¾" and 1" Wirsbo AQUAPEX.

  • The sprinklers and four-port fittings in the Network system are shipped assembled; the sprinklers and two-port fittings in the Looped system are shipped unassembled.

Despite these key differences, the two offerings share many important traits. Both are non-stagnant multi-purpose systems, using the same Wirsbo AQUAPEX tubing that provides potable cold water to the plumbing fixtures in a home. Combining the plumbing and fire sprinkler systems provides two benefits by eliminating stagnant water and verifying water is available each time a cold-water plumbing fixture is used.

“As long as you have water supplied to your plumbing fixtures, you know you have water supplied to your sprinklers,” explains Jayson Drake, senior product manager, Fire Safety at Uponor.

Both systems use Reliable® brand fire sprinklers, and both are intended only for one-family and two-family residences. As such, they meet the requirements of NFPA 13D, the national standard for the installation of fire sprinkler systems in dwellings of this size, as well as manufactured homes.

Both systems also use ProPEX® fitting connections. Capitalizing on the unique, thermal shape memory of Uponor’s PEX-a tubing, ProPEX connections are made by expanding the tubing and a ProPEX Ring with an expander tool before inserting a fitting. As the tubing and ring shrink back to their original shapes, they form a permanent seal with the ProPEX fitting that can be verified by simple visual inspection. Proven through more than 30 years of successful installations worldwide, the proprietary Uponor ProPEX fitting system needs no torches, glues or go/no-go gauges to form fast, permanent and reliable connections.

Regardless of which system is used, Network or Looped, “an Uponor multi-purpose plumbing and fire safety system averages only 1% to 2% of the total cost of building a new home,” says Drake. “Besides creating a safer living space — and the peace of mind that comes with it — installing an Uponor Residential Fire Safety System is a value-added upgrade that increases a home’s initial value and resale price, while lowering homeowner insurance rates by 5% to 30%.”

For homebuilders, AQUASAFE fire safety systems often allow tighter development densities, narrower streets, longer cul-de-sacs, smaller water mains and reduced fees. For installing contractors, the Uponor multi-purpose fire safety system is a proven and established product that offers a profitable new business opportunity by expanding on what they already know how to do: installing PEX-a-based plumbing systems.

“We support our installers with ongoing training and design assistance,” says Drake. “And we confidently back our products and our contractors with a 25-year limited warranty on our tubing and ProPEX fittings when installed by an Uponor-trained and certified plumbing professional.”

Uponor is a leading supplier of PEX-a plumbing, fire safety and radiant heating and cooling systems for the residential and commercial building markets across North America and Europe. Uponor employs 4,100 people globally. Uponor OYJ is listed on the Nordic Exchange in Helsinki, Finland. Uponor Inc. is headquartered in Apple Valley, Minn.

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