April 11, 2008
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Uponor Joins Fix Housing First Coalition to Help Stimulate Housing Market and Revive Economy

Jyri Luomakoski Appointed President and CEO of Uponor

Uponor Releases January through June 2009 Factory Training Schedule

Uponor Reinvests in Training Program; Appoints Industry Veteran Wes Sisco as Senior Trainer

Engineered Plastic (EP) Line Offers Low-cost, Durable Commercial Plumbing Solution

New Engineered Plastic (EP) Heating Manifold Offers Durable, Cost-effective Radiant Solution

Uponor Consolidates Production Operations; Closes Canadian Facility

Uponor Breaks Ground for New 285,000-square-foot Distribution Center in Lakeville, Minn.

Uponor Canadian Headquarters Relocates to Toronto Suburb to Align with Sales Strategies

Redesigned proPANEL® Awarded Professional Builder’s 100 Best New Products for 2008

New Uponor Climate Cŏntrol™ Zoning System Offers Wireless Control of Radiant Zones, Faster Installation

New Climate Cŏntrol™ Network System Connects All HVAC Systems for Easier Installation, Total Control

Uponor Hosts Apple Valley State of the City Address and Chamber of Commerce Luncheon

Uponor, an AIA/CES Provider, Releases 2008 Radiant Heating and Cooling Webinar Schedule

Wirsbo AQUAPEX® Tubing Expansion Joint Kit Saves Valuable Labor Time and Costs

Uponor Factory Training Schedule For Second Half of 2008 Now Available

New Uponor EP Opposing-port, Multi-port Tees Offer Added Design and Installation Flexibility

Uponor EP Branch Multi-port Tees and Elbows Ideal for Demanding Commercial Applications

ProPEX® EP Valves Use Innovative Ceramic Disc Technology for Greater Durability, Performance

New ProPEX® Out-of-the-Wall Support System Provides Clean, Efficient Solution to the Fixture

Uponor to Promote Commercial Radiant Uses Via Green Mechanical Council Membership

Uponor Climate Cŏntrol™ - Multifunction Boosts System Functionality, Reduces Install Costs

Uponor AQUASAFE® Looped Fire Safety System Simplifies Design and Speeds Installation

Redesigned Uponor proPANEL® Unit Expands Radiant Design Options, Simplifies Installation

Uponor Announces Updated Factory Training Schedule for 2008

Uponor Names William Gray, Formerly of ITT Corporation, New General Manager for Canada

Apple Valley Chamber of Commerce Names Uponor, Inc. its 2007 Business of the Year

For the Media: OOTW

New ProPEX® Out-of-the-Wall Support System Provides Clean, Efficient Solution to the Fixture

Uponor is introducing the ProPEX® Out-of-the-Wall Support System that provides a complete solution for PEX-a plumbing systems all the way to the fixture. The result is a clean, professional, finished look without the need for metal stub-outs or connections behind the wall — all while saving up to half the installation time. Read more...

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The ProPEX® Out-of-the-Wall Support System: A plastic bend support snaps into a mating wall support bracket, which attaches to the studs. A plastic escutcheon conceals the connection, resulting in a clean and finished look.

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By eliminating the need for behind-the-wall copper stub-out connections and transition fittings, the ProPEX Out-of-the-Wall Support System should cut installation time by up to half.

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“This new system defines Uponor Logic at work by offering plumbing professionals a faster, easier way to install a durable, reliable, Uponor PEX-a plumbing system,” says Steve Lockridge, senior product manager, Plumbing, for Uponor. “By eliminating the need for behind-the-wall copper stub-out connections and transition fittings, the ProPEX Out-of-the-Wall Support System should cut installation time by up to half, while offering a clean, finished look.”

The Out-of-the-Wall Support System includes a plastic bend support that snaps into a mating, 18"-wide wall support bracket, offering secure mounting for ½" PEX from any angle. For ¾" PEX, an installer only needs the wall support bracket for straight-through access.

To complete the system, the installer uses a flared plastic escutcheon to conceal the penetration and the ProPEX connection, which lies entirely outside the wall. The unique design of this escutcheon, available in a chrome or white finish, allows the ProPEX tubing to be expanded within the escutcheon’s sleeve, further saving installation time and hassles.

The new ProPEX Out-of-the-Wall Support System offers easy mounting in 16" and smaller stud spaces. The bend support provides rigid support of ½" PEX tubing from any angle, and the wall support bracket features 2" on-center ½" and ¾" built-in openings to simplify valve location.

The system incorporates Uponor’s unique ProPEX fitting system for a secure connection. ProPEX connections are made by expanding the tubing and a ProPEX Ring with an expander tool before inserting a fitting. As the tubing and ring shrink back to their original shapes, they form a permanent seal with the ProPEX fitting that can be verified by simple visual inspection.

“Uponor listened to the market and our business partners in developing our new ProPEX Out-of-the-Wall Support System,” says Lockridge. “This is what people in the industry told us they wanted: a system that will save installation time and costs, while eliminating unneeded metal components and connections.

“Now a plumber can simply bend the tubing to connect into the fixture without having to hassle with multiple connections behind the wall,” he continues. “When it’s done, the job has a clean, finished look.”

Uponor is a leading supplier of PEX-a plumbing, fire safety and radiant heating and cooling systems for the residential and commercial building markets across North America and Europe. Uponor employs 4,700 people globally. Uponor OYJ is listed on the Nordic Exchange in Helsinki, Finland. Uponor, Inc. is headquartered in Apple Valley, Minn. For more information, visit or call Uponor toll-free at (800) 321-4739.

Uponor Ltd. is currently based in Regina, Saskatchewan, although the Sales and Marketing business units will relocate to Toronto during the first half of 2008. For more information, visit or call Uponor toll-free at (888) 994-7726.

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