February 13, 2008
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For the Media: proPANEL®

Redesigned Uponor proPANEL® Unit Expands Radiant Design Options, Simplifies Installation

Half the size of previous units, the redesigned Uponor proPANEL® mixing panels feature a host of innovations that speed installation, improve control and simplify setup for radiant heating and cooling systems. Read more...

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New Uponor proPANEL® unit (with cover), shown connected to the new Climate Cŏntrol - Multifunction hydronic controller.

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New Uponor proPANEL unit, shown without its cover.

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Fully assembled and wired with Cat5 or RJ45 connectors, the four new proPANEL units are modular, allowing them to meet the needs of any radiant application, regardless of size or complexity. Connecting multiple panels to a single hydronic controller, such as the new Climate Cŏntrol™ - Multifunction, also from Uponor, is a simple plug-and-play operation.

“The new panels do not have an actual control inside them,” explains Mark Hudoba, Uponor senior product manager, Heating and Cooling. “Instead, the panel is equipped with a control interface that allows easy wiring to the Climate Cŏntrol - Multifunction.”

Four models are available:

  • proPANEL 90: single-zone pump without mixing;
  • proPANEL 90M: single-zone pump with mixing;
  • proPANEL 90Z: dual-zone pump without mixing;
  • proPANEL 90MZ: dual-zone pump with mixing.

Because they do not feature mixing, the 90 and 90Z models can be used in stand-alone applications with a low-temperature water source, but without the Climate Cŏntrol - Multifunction hydronic controller. All the new panels are designed for a maximum target of 90,000 Btu per hour (Btu/h) and are fed with a 1" tubing and ¾" secondary connections. “We removed the primary piping from these panels to allow the installer to connect them directly in a smaller system or as a secondary source in larger systems,” says Hudoba.

Measuring only 26"H x 18"W x 7"D and ranging from 26 to 37 pounds, all four models are light enough to allow one-person installation, further saving time and costs. “With Cat5 wiring, advanced control technology, state-of-the-art hardware and circulators,” says Hudoba, “the new proPANEL units deliver an innovative home heating solution.”

Uponor is a leading supplier of PEX-a plumbing, fire safety and radiant heating and cooling systems for the residential and commercial building markets across North America and Europe. Uponor employs 4,100 people globally. Uponor OYJ is listed on the Nordic Exchange in Helsinki, Finland. Uponor Inc. is headquartered in Apple Valley, Minn.

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