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April 12, 2011
Contact: Ingrid Mattsson
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New Customer Access Site for Climate Cŏntrol™ Network System Allows Enhanced Online Access

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Climate Control Online Access

To create a more robust infrastructure and to enhance user experience when accessing the Climate Cŏntrol™ Network System online, Uponor recently launched a new customer access site that has several expanded features and functionalities that benefit everyone from the contractor to the field technician to the rep to the homeowner.

"With the improved infrastructure, we've moved all settings automatically to the web portal to allow full control of the system," says Jeff Wiedemann, product manager, Application Controls at Uponor.

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With the new site, an Uponor administrator sets up an account for anyone — from an Uponor field technician to a rep to a contractor to a homeowner. After the administrator creates the account, the user receives an e-mail stating the account is ready to access.

"This new feature saves contractors a significant amount of time, because they can go directly into the site and create their own customer accounts instead of having to wait for someone from the factory to set up the logins," says Wiedemann. "Additionally, all the Network System elements set up in the Uponor Configuration Tool (UCT) have been moved to the web, so contractors can alter all configurations and settings specific to their system, as well as manually change the status of all inputs and outputs."

For the homeowner, the new site allows online changes to thermostat settings, modes (heating, cooling, etc.), domestic hot water temperature adjustments, vacation calendars for occupied and unoccupied modes (to help reduce energy consumption), snow-melt system, alarms and other status inputs.

"We took customer feedback to redesign the current user interface to provide more of a 'snapshot' view of their system without losing any functionality they already had," says Wiedemann. "This new design offers homeowners a more attractive, user-friendly experience when accessing their system."

The new site features the following functionalities for the contractor.

  • All functionality of the UCT, including:
    • Setup and configuration settings
    • Manual operation of outputs
    • Temperature sensor overrides
  • Trend logs
  • Alarms
  • Global settings
  • System reports
  • Custom objects (solar, geo, customized system alarms)
  • A service tab (to set up equipment-servicing intervals)
  • A repository folder to store piping and wiring schematics, job notes, system requirements, etc.

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Climate Control Customer Access Site

Uponor's new customer access site for the Climate Cŏntrol™ Network System allows users faster, easier access for more streamlined system integration, commissioning and control.

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Climate Control Customer Access Site

The new site allows access to all Uponor Configuration Tool (UCT) functionality for system setup, monitoring and control.

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