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Feb. 23, 2011
Contact: Ingrid Mattsson
Brand Management Senior Manager
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Uponorengineering.com: The Engineer’s Resource for Sustainable, Cost-effective Design

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Paul McCullochIn today's competitive market of designing structures that offer greater energy efficiency on a budget, engineers need a one-stop resource to research and specify products and systems that will make their buildings great. To help in their quest, Uponor recently launched www.uponorengineering.com, an online resource that provides everything an engineer needs to create desirable, sustainable, cost-effective designs for radiant heating and cooling and plumbing applications.

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"Value engineering has become a requirement in almost every new design created today," says Dan Sullivan, senior product manager, Commercial Radiant Heating and Cooling at Uponor. "When designing the site, we wanted Uponorengineering.com to encompass everything engineers need right at their fingertips, whether it's specifications, submittals, CAD details, Revit files, instructional manuals, design guidelines, technical support or even industry resource links, it's all right here."

The main page of the Uponorengineering.com site has the following tabs for quick and easy access to multiple resources for engineers.

  • Specifications and Submittals

  • Manuals

  • AutoCAD and Revit Files

  • Technical Literature

  • Videos

  • Design and Technical Support

The site also offers links to product and system applications, case studies and factory and online training.

"Whether it's meeting specific LEED® or other green-building certification standards, Uponorengineering.com can provide all the tools and resources necessary to help engineers get a head start on a successful design," says Sullivan.

Uponor, Inc. is a leading supplier of plumbing, fire safety and radiant heating and cooling systems for the residential and commercial building markets in the United States. Uponor, Inc. employs 380 people at its North American headquarters in Apple Valley, Minn. For more information, visit www.uponor-usa.com or call (800) 321-4739.

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Uponor's new online engineering resource center  

Uponor's new online engineering resource center, Uponorengineering.com, provides a one-stop portal for engineers to access specifications, submittals, CAD details, Revit files, design guidelines and other valuable tools for designing sustainable, cost-effective structures.

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Uponor Engineering  

The site features an AutoCAD and Revit tab for engineers to view and download CAD details and Revit files.

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