Uponor North America signs exclusive agreement with Pestan North America

Partnership with PP-RCT pipe and fittings company affirms Uponor as the leading polymer pipe solutions provider for commercial plumbing and HVAC

APPLE VALLEY (SEPTEMBER 18, 2019)Uponor North America and San Diego, Calif.-based Pestan North America (PNA), a supplier of PP-RCT pipe and fittings, today announced the signing of an agreement naming Uponor the exclusive distributor of PNA’s proprietary PP-RCT (polypropylene, random copolymer, with modified crystallinity and temperature resistance) products throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Beginning in 2020, Uponor will market more than 270 of PNA’s products, making it the only North American company to offer hybrid systems including PEX and PP-RCT. Products will range from 1/2-inch to 12 inches in diameter; up to 24 inches for special product requests. PP-RCT is used in an array of commercial plumbing and hydronic projects.

“We worked diligently to find a partner who offers a quality, differentiated product that is in alignment with Uponor’s business mission and vision. I’m confident we’ve found this and more in Pestan North America,” said Bill Gray, president, Uponor North America. “We’re excited to discover the new doors this partnership will open for our company in the commercial construction market.”

“At Pestan North America, we believe that the transition from metal piping to leading-edge polymer piping is still in its early stages and foresee a significant increase in demand for PNA products in the North American markets,” said Nenad Nastic, co-CEO, PNA.

“Based on the strength of our technology and the world-class team at Uponor, we are confident we will achieve and maintain a leadership role in this sector for years to come,” added Marko Radovanovic, co-CEO, PNA.

Gray also said that the agreement signifies a huge step toward affirming Uponor’s position as the leading polymer pipe solutions provider for commercial plumbing and HVAC, and that the company plans to proceed thoughtfully throughout the next year, building a long-term, sustainable competitive advantage.

“Our approach is to strategically evolve our skills and resources related to this new offering by way of a staggered market approach, as we believe a measured rollout will help ensure both a positive customer experience and long-term business success.”

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About Uponor
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Apple Valley, Minn.-based Uponor North America strives to be the partner plumbing and HVAC professionals rely on for smart water and energy solutions. The company is helping to advance the construction industry through innovation, education and advocacy focusing on the defining issues of our time: water, energy and labor. An award-winning manufacturer of PEX piping and provider of plumbing, fire safety, radiant heating/cooling, hydronic piping, and pre-insulated piping systems, Uponor offers solutions for new construction, retrofits and remodels in the residential, light commercial and commercial markets. Uponor partnered with Belkin International in 2016 to form Phyn, a new intelligent water company that is revolutionizing the way consumers interact with water and helping solve major challenges facing the global water supply. Recognized for best-in-class manufacturing, sustainability, economic development and as a top workplace, the Uponor group of companies employs more than 4,000 worldwide. Uponor’s global headquarters are located in Vantaa, Finland. uponorpro.com

About Pestan North America
San Diego, Calif.-based Pestan North America (PNA), a PP-RCT market leader, providing superior eco-friendly piping material that utilizes the most-advanced heat fusion joint connection for the plumbing, HVAC, industrial and geothermal markets. PNA’s PP-RCT pipes offer elevated temperature and pressure ratings, minimal expansion/contraction, are lightweight and maintenance-free and do not require chemical treatment to prevent corrosion or settlement accumulation.

About PP-RCT
PP-RCT is second-generation polypropylene random copolymer, offering higher chlorine rating and elevated pressure resistance. PP-RCT was first used for plumbing and hydronic heating in the 2000’s in Europe and introduced to North America in the 2010’s. The high-heat and pressure performance makes PP-RCT pipes suitable for demanding applications, such as pressure piping (plumbing, hydronics) in commercial high-rise buildings.

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