Uponor Launches PP-RCT Hot Potable Pipe for Domestic Water Applications

APPLE VALLEY, MINN., OCTOBER 12, 2022 — With the growth of the company’s PP-RCT piping solutions business continuing to expand, Uponor North America (Uponor) is launching hot potable pipe and fittings to help meet the demand for commercial domestic water systems.

Uponor began offering PP-RCT pipe and fittings in 2020 with more than 300 parts for mechanical piping in sizes from ½” to 12″ and cold potable piping in sizes from ½” to 8″. Now, with the addition of hot potable piping in sizes from ½” to 8″, Uponor has a comprehensive offering for mechanical and potable applications, all covered by a 10-year limited warranty.

“The momentum for Uponor PP-RCT is continuing to build, and the industry is recognizing the benefits of an all-polymer piping system, which includes our PEX-a pipe and ProPEX® fittings in sizes up to 3″,” says Michael Nicholson, business director, PP-RCT, at Uponor. “By including hot potable in our PP-RCT offering, we are now well-positioned to provide our customers with a complete polymer solution for both mechanical piping and domestic water projects.”

To ensure the offering would provide customers with the same high-quality, consistent, and reliable experience the brand is known for, Uponor was deliberate in the timing around bringing PP-RCT hot potable to market.

“We took our time to make sure every detail was addressed right the first time,” says Nicholson. “We worked diligently with our Research & Development, Quality, Engineering, and Construction Services teams to ensure the PP-RCT hot potable offering and system design would provide the same consistent results our customers have come to expect from Uponor.”

To further address demand, the company is also pursuing a multiple-source model that will offer a consistent supply of Uponor PP-RCT for customers and future commercial projects.

“While we have a secure supply of current offerings, including hot potable, Uponor is working to establish a multiple-source model that will expand our portfolio in the future, including larger-diameter PP-RCT pipes and other products,” says Nicholson.

For complete details about the Uponor PP-RCT offering, visit uponor.com/pprct. For information about all other Uponor products, systems, services, and solutions, visit uponor.com.


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With the addition of PP-RCT hot potable piping in sizes from ½” to 8″, Uponor has a comprehensive offering for both mechanical and potable applications, all covered by a 10-year limited warranty.

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Uponor PP-RCT hot potable pipe and fittings are ideal for commercial domestic hot-water and domestic hot-water recirculation systems.

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